TH1 - Adult Book Study Group

Thursday, 6:30p (#TH1)
Adult Book Study
River Heights Vineyard

Leader: Mark Bezdicek and Emily Carlson     
Mark:   612-816-7799      
Emily:  207-653-9130

Location: River Heights Vineyard Church

Childcare:  There is no childcare available

Our group will be reading, "When Everything Changes: Healing, Justice & the Kingdom of God," by Randy Clark. This book will teach you: To understand your world in a whole new way, what it really means to follow Jesus on His great adventure,keys to see healing and miracles released and increased through your life, to step into the front lines of the greatest of all adventures---the rescuing, joyful, life-changing reality of God’s Kingdom. Come and explore and grow as a all-in participant in the mission of God's Kingdom.



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